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Some traditions (including the indigenous cacao keepers) believe that every plant, psychedelic or not, has a spirit. In the earlier days, humans lived in harmony with the natural world and saw plants as intelligent, alive beings and healers in their own light.


But on the simplest level, this is why we use supplements, herbs, superfoods and adaptogens – as a way to reconnect with this primal wisdom that’s becoming more and more readily available.


Once you’ve experienced a group cacao ceremony, it’s impossible to think that cacao doesn’t have a spirit. It shows up differently for everyone, but generally, it’s known as a playful, gentle medicine that connects you to your own deep-rooted wisdom within.


If you have tried Cacao or wish to join an Ceremony and you believe Mama Cacao has whispered to you… you say YES!


Sam x

Cacao Original Blend

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